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Kulturelle Begegnung: Indien!

What a wonderful and inspiring evening! Tabla player Ravi Srinivasan, Kathak dancer Ioanna Srinivasan, and sitar player Michael Dreyer joined us for a unusual yet mesmerizing program: Halvorsen Vasantasena Suite for Orchestra (a real discovery in itself), a Sargam (for tabla, sitar and dance), Naresh Sohal’s modern Hexad Suite for ensemble, two fun pieces by Ravi Srinivasan for ensemble and tabla, a Johann Strauss Polka “Die Bajadere” (indian dance girls), and Rahman’s “Slumdog Millionaire” Suite for Orchestra, with added tabla and sitar…
And the numerous audience didn’t think for a moment about soccer…:)

Concert with Alexander Krichel

The Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 was played by the Piano Wizard Alexander Krichel, and the photo shows both our satisfaction about the performance.
I started with Joseph Haydn’s Overture to “Orfeo”, his last opera, and ended the program with Richard Wagner’s very early and ambitious Symphony in C: An interesting juxtaposition.

Concert with Frank Peter Zimmermann

A concert which will stay in my memory for a long time: Bartok Violin Concerto No. 2 with a divine soloist and wonderful friend, Frank Peter Zimmermann, and a Goettingen orchestra in top form in Haydn’s “Chaos” introduction from “The Creation”, and Beethoven’s “Eroica”.

World Premiere of Isabel Mundry Work

A look back to May 17, 2015: I conducted the World Premiere of eminent composer Isabel Mundry’s “Motions // Der doppelte Blick I + III” in Göttingen: An important event!

Schöne Ferien! Holidays!

Only a few days of holidays, but much needed and much enjoyed: A short visit to Salzburg, enjoying Rosenkavalier at the Salzburg Festival, and a lovely visit to Switzerland: It rained a lot…impressive to see the effect at the Rheinfall. See you very soon at the start of the new season!